Rules & Expectations

This page contains some of the rules, policies, and expectations we have. It is primarily meant as a reminder for existing members but prospective ones might be interested in these details, too.

Rules & Expectation

The Co-op is a place for parents to meet, support each other and spend time together while participating in their young children's play and socialization. A copy of the complete Co-Op Member Handbook is available for reference in the playroom kitchen.

  • Members should only attend Co-op on the day and time they are registered for.
  • Parents are expected to stay with their children and supervise their play.
  • All members should be made to feel welcome in a friendly, social environment.
  • Each member should check the bulletin boards in the playroom regularly for notices about upcoming events, meetings and other important information.
  • Each family is asked to commit to regularly attending their group on the designated day (except when illness or travel plans interfere), so groups have continuity and relationships between adults and children continue to grow.
  • The Co-op does not discriminate on the basis of age, ethnicity, color, sexual orientation, religion or creed, physical or mental impairment or national origin.


At the end of each session, the Co-op rooms should be as clean as, or cleaner than they were when you arrived. Please do your fair share of clean-up before leaving each time.

  • Pick up and sort toys, putting them back in their labeled areas.
  • Wash table tops, counters, microwave, coffee pot, dishes and art equipment.
  • If the garbage is full or contains ANY diapers, take it to the fenced area (on the side of the building where you entered), and put a fresh bag in the garbage can.
  • Sweep and mop the vinyl floor by food/art areas, and vacuum the carpet.
  • Close and lock any windows that were opened.
  • Take your artwork home.
  • Stack the gym mats in the middle of the stage.
  • Return gym toys to the storage closet and lock the door.
  • Adjust the playroom thermostat to 62-degrees, and the gymnasium to 60-degrees.
  • Turn off the lights in both rooms, including the stage and hall lights.
  • Close and lock the Co-op playroom door.

Church Policies

To maintain our long-standing, positive relationship with the church, members need to abide by these additional guidelines established by the Glenwood Church Board:

  • Discard diapers ONLY in the co-op playroom trashcan.
  • Do not allow children to play in the church kitchen or lounge areas.
  • Use the church phone only for emergencies -- no personal or long-distance calls.
  • Do not play the piano in the gym.
  • Please do not allow children to play with the stage curtains.
  • Please park on the street if a church function is in progress.
  • Enter the church through the lower south-side door.
  • Leave strollers and bicycles outside to avoid tracking debris inside the church.
  • Turn off all lights upon leaving, including hallways and gymnasium.
  • Turn heat down to 62-degrees in the playroom, and 60-degrees in the gymnasium.

Reimbursement, Changing and Forming New Groups

If you have a schedule conflict, please understand that we can only reimburse your tuition during the first two weeks of the semester. If you’re interested in moving to another day, and space is available, you may also be able to switch to another day. New groups can be formed with a minimum of five families enrolling. Please contact the Membership Representative.